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Career Statement

Trained as an architect, implemented in technology: Daniel is a designer and developer that is constantly contemplating and building products that will have a positive impact upon people’s lives.
Coding, design & visual arts are but a few of his fortes.

Design Skillset

Adobe Photoshop 6 + Years

Adobe Illustrator 4 + Years

Adobe InDesign 6 + Years

Sketch App 3 + Years

Vectorworks 3 Years

Autocad 5 Years

3DS Max 4 Years

Sketching/Drawing 6 + Years

Technical Skillset

HTML 5 + Years

CSS 5 + Years

JavaScript 3 + Years

PHP 3 + Years

WordPress CMS 3 + Years

Bootstrap & Other Frameworks 3 + Years

JetBrains Coding Software 3 + Years

Git Version Control System 3 + Years

Educational Background

Having studied & practised architecture for over five years, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge on design and remarkable acumen in its influence over human behaviour. This has significant application when working with technology & creating great user experiences: knowing how a product is perceived & interacted with is paramount to his craft.

Skills, Awards & Points Of Interest

  • My work has been displayed in the world-renowned Stedelijk Design Museum in Amsterdam
  • High 2:1 (Hons) Degree in Architecture:
    With first Class grades in final year Design Studio & Professional Practise
  • Undergraduate work was one of two selected by university to present to the
    Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Aided in the design and construction of an Educational Hub in The Gambia
  • Over sixty hours dual flight in a light aircraft and twenty hours solo
  • First aid qualifications after two year commitment at St John’s Ambulance
  • Six Months volunteering experience in Ecuador teaching english & developing community space

Personal Summary

Not being someone who likes to waste their time waiting around, Daniel is always keeping himself busy and challenging himself to do new things. When he’s not working hard on a project or coming up with new ideas he enjoys seeking out new and unfamiliar places, playing with a camera or trying his hand at writing stories.

Hobbies & Interests :

Navigation & Travel


Writing & Drawing



Co-Director Of NeuroDiversity Limited

I co-founded and co-direct NeuroDiversity, a company that was established to provide technologies that would assist a diverse range of people with neurological conditions, or more general disabilities. Our aim is to make technology more inclusive and utilise it as a means to benefit and empower others.

Our clients include a range of organisations, from large establishments, such as University College London Hospital, to small scale start-ups. Our projects have assisted a diversified set of users; from sufferers of Dementia and Hemianopia to Young Individuals with cancer or other severe illnesses. And the products we help to design and build have ranged from rehabilitative and diagnostic applications to communication and mentoring platforms.




Virtual Assistant Services Provider

Alongside directing Neurodiversity I have provided Virtual Assistant Services to companies across the globe; to help them navigate technology and manage their online presence, marketing and other business aspects. My duties were very varied and included, but were not limited to, website design and development, phone and email administration, human resources management, graphic design and marketing, document creation and file organisation.

My services were provided remotely so that location would not be an issue for my clients and my assistance could be offered easily from the opposite end of a phone or computer, which made me more readily available to provide support at any time. I operated this business as a freelance service, offering a weeks assistance for a fixed fee downpayment; so that companies could hire me on an as-needed basis.


Start Offering Virtual Assistant Services



UX Designer Role At EmpowerHack

EmpowerHack is a global volunteer design and technology collective focused on creating sustainable humanitarian technology. I have worked as a User Experience Designer with the organisation on a couple of projects:

HerStory, a platform for victims of domestic abuse to anonymously share their experiences and engage with a supportive community.

Hababy - a project with which I was more thoroughly involved - is a prototype project aimed at helping pregnant refugee women identify the top five red-flags of a pregnancy at risk and improve communications between medical personnel and the pregnant women they support. Hababy has the potential to rapidly access women that need help under a intransit/refugee camp context. The project is exploring how lightweight information, such as quick identification of life-threatening pregnancy symptoms, a patient-owned health record and timely resources for medical professionals, can improve care. The aim is to explore how Hababy can bring a standardised approach to antenatal care for pregnant women in refugee camps. This project is working with several partners including the Muslim Doctors Association and was featured in Wired magazine. The work I produced for this project was also displayed at the world-renowned Stedelijk Design Museum in Amsterdam, as part of their “Solution Or Utopia? Design For Refugees” Exhibition.



Freelance Design & Development

Since self-educating myself on how to code I have sourced my own income through freelance web design and development projects. I have also used my skills learned from my involvement with architecture to branch out into graphic and UX design. Often the two went side by side; whilst doing graphic design for a client - logos, print designs or other visualisations - I would also help design and develop their website.

I have worked with a range of clients, from architects to business start-ups to large charity organisations. Some of my clients have been CEOs of charities for mental health issues such as ADHD & autism, meaning special consideration had to be taken into my design work for people with these conditions.



NeuroDiversity Ltd Launched



Finish Role as Communications Director at Global Hands

Setup as a Community Interest Company, Global Hands aims to tackle issues regarding local and global inequality by raising consciousness about local and global issues through community engagement.

After volunteering with Global Hands in the Gambia I began working with them as a graphic designer and website developer. I was promptly promoted to head of my department and became one of the key members of the organisation as their Communications Director.

My role was to ensure that both internal and external communications were consistent, efficient and engaging. As such I had to manage numerous people and projects simultaneously and work to deadlines whilst maintaining compassionate and empathetic relationships with those I worked with.


Start UX Designer Role At EmpowerHack




Finish Role As Architectural Assistant at Geraldine Dening Architects

Geraldine Dening is a sole practitioner of architecture and founder of a community-interest architectural organisation known as ASH (architects for Social Housing), which was set-up to help alleviate the housing crisis in London by finding architectural solutions to large scale demolitions of social housing.

As the only employee of the practice my range of activities were extensive, ranging from the technical and aesthetic design of buildings; to managing construction schedules and drawings; to liaising with clients and consultants. My time here was extremely rewarding, teaching me not only how to apply what I had learned at university but also how to work professionally and incorporate ethics into my practise.


Start Freelance Web Design & Development



Start Role As Architectural Assistant at Geraldine Dening Architects



Finish Role As Architectural Assistant at Kirkham Middleton Architects

Kirkham Middleton Architects offered me a volunteer position at their practice during my break from university in Summer 2013 and in my spare-time during my studies; which later led onto full-time employment after graduating.

I learned a lot from my time working with them, from how to engage and acquire clients to conceptual and technical design in an architecture practice.

I really got to be involved with the projects here and even oversaw the design of a stable as well as take control of a housing development; both of which taught me a great deal about construction and building permissions.



Graduate With A High 2.1 Grade From Leicester School Of Architecture

My studies in architecture have allowed me to develop a range of skills and expertise in a wide variety of areas centralised around design. I also acquired many life-skills on my way to graduation, including refined presentation abilities, group organisation and prioritising.

During my studies I acted as Student Representative for my year and co-chaired the architecture society known as LArcSS (Leicester Architecture Student Society), which organised lectures and critiques, liaised between faculty and students and planned social events.

At the end of my studies, my work was one of two to be selected to present to the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) during their inspections to exemplify student potential within the school.

My main projects included the design of a Library in Orvieto, Italy; a Brewery in Amsterdam, Netherlands; An Arboriculture Research Centre in Bradgate Park, Leicester, UK; A house in Leicester, UK; A Study Retreat in the Attenborough Arboretum in Leicester, UK; as well as other minor projects.


Volunteer Trip To The Gambia With Global Hands

At the end of my studies in architecture, I embarked on a two week trip to The Gambia set up in partnership between my university and the charity Global Hands.

Armed with my skills learned at university I assisted with the design and construction of a Educational Development Hub in the village of Manduar on the trip. The Hub was to be a centre for entrepreneurial education to allow locals to empower themselves and pave their own path out of poverty; following the mantra of the organisation to “teach people how to fish, rather than just give fish”.

The experience was incredibly educational and insightful, both culturally and reflectively upon my own capabilities. After my two weeks away, I carried on volunteer work with the organisation which soon led on to employment.



Start Position As Architectural Assistant At Kirkham Middleton Architects



Shadowed Architect at Steven George Architects

During my university summer break of 2013 I acquired my first insights to the professional world of architecture by shadowing an architect working on a large care home development in Telford, Manchester.

The experience was incredibly insightful and informative. I was able to follow the architect around site inspections; listen into and even partially get involved with team meetings; see working drawings of the design; and generally experience life in an architecture practice.



Start Studies at Leicester School Of Architecture



Graduate Foundation Degree In Art & Architecture From University of Edinburgh

I studied four art and architecture modules: “How Art Works”, “Art & Architecture in Europe”, “Understanding Post-Modernism” and “Classical Architecture”, which I achieved all grade B in.  In addition to this I studied two modules in which I explored script writing and film studies. There was also a module to help transition from foundation degree study to undergraduate studies.



Start Studies at University of Edinburgh



Return From Volunteering Trip to South America

In September 2009 I embarked on a trip to Ecuador where I volunteered for 6 months as an english teacher and farm hand. After which I travelled for a further 4 months to Panama, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

The experience was incredibly informative and developmental; being my first time away from home for a prolonged period. The most pivotal experience of the whole trip was being integrated into a community whose culture and way of life differed so vastly from my own.

During my six months volunteering I taught english to school children in the morning, gave private tuition to adults in the afternoon and help the community develop their community into an eco-tourism resort by aiding in construction and development of the land. I also lived with a family and helped them farm their land at weekends and during my free time.



Embark on Volunteer Trip to South America


Finish Pilots License Training

During my summer breaks from High School, I undertook my Private Pilot’s License. Upon finishing, I had over sixty hours dual flight time in a light aircraft and twenty hours solo.


Finish School Studies

Completed my school studies with A-levels in Maths and Physics and 9 GCSEs.

UX &
Web Dev

Bright Futures Website

Bright Futures is the UK's first charity that centres around bridging the gap between illness and normality, with a focus on educational, social, and professional development. The organisation runs tailor made programmes that focus on the development of young individuals, offering support to whatever challenges illness, physical or mental in nature, may bring.

This website was designed and developed to encourage ill Young Individuals to join the programme and to on-board Programme Leaders who can offer Mentorship, Tutorship or Workshops. The website was built as the first part of a two part project, in which a platform was also built for Young Individuals to interact with Programme Leaders; see below for more details.

Bright Futures Platform

The Bright Futures Platform was designed and developed to allow participants in the charity's programmes interact with one another and keep up-to-date with the organisation. The platform was built for two distinct user groups, Young Individuals and Programme Leaders. It thus has functionality dependant upon what the user type is. On the platform, users can create profiles, message connections, schedule meet ups via a scheduling service and browse through user stories or updates published by the organisation itself. The platform also includes an admin panel where organisation admins can review users and their activities, as well as establish connections between Young Individuals and Programme Leaders based upon user needs. The aim is that the organisation establishes relevant connections between users based upon a variety of matching criteria, rather than users needing to search and find connections themselves. This way the user connections and their activities are more targeted and relevant, rather than being broad and less meaningful like with technologies such as facebook etc.


‘iReadMore’ is a new reading therapy App designed to improve word-reading speed and accuracy in people who have Aphasia or Hemianopia, which often occur after suffering a stroke. As cognitive impairments that affect language and visual processing parts of the brain, special considerations have had to be applied to the design to cater to these user-groups. NeuroDiversity has been sub-contracted by University College London to design and development this rehabilitation application; as the company’s co-director I have been overseeing the design. We are currently iterating on a design which has already undergone significant user-testing: findings have been compiled into a paper recently submitted to the National Brain Journal. The plan is for this project to continue the development of research and will be used as a PHD thesis for a student at UCL, however our responsibility is to also move this application out of the domain of research and into the public sphere for practical day-to-day use.

Game Of Spoons

Game Of Spoons is a game design project that aims to teach coping mechanisms to those on the autistic spectrum via character/situation role-play. The project’s name stems from Spoon Theory, a disability metaphor that uses spoons to represent the energy available for daily activities and tasks: The aim of the game is to get through the day without depleting your spoon count - your energy level - by utilising the resources around you and applying coping mechanisms to appropriate situations. NeuroDiversity has teamed up with Dinah Murray, a prolific researcher and campaigner within the autism community, to design and develop this game. As co-director of NeuroDiversity, I am currently overseeing the conceptualisation and design of the game, before we move into the development phase.

Empower Hack:
HaBaby App

This project was included in the "Solution Or Utopia" exhibition at the world-renowned Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and was also featured in Wired!
Hababy is a prototype aimed at helping pregnant refugee women identify the top five red-flags of a pregnancy at risk and improve communications between medical personnel and the pregnant women they support. Through my work with the EmpowerHack organisation I have helped design the user-experience of the application and built the prototype. Hababy has the potential to rapidly access women that need help under a in-transit/refugee camp context. The project is exploring how lightweight information, such as quick identification of life-threatening pregnancy symptoms, a patient-owned health record and timely resources for medical professionals, can improve care. We are currently exploring how Hababy can bring a standardised approach to antenatal care for pregnant women in refugee camps. This project is working with several partners including the Muslim Doctors Association.

Remind-Them App

A colleague and I have designed and developed an Android application, currently released as Beta on the Google Play Store, which schedules sms text reminders to be sent to your contacts. The app is simple yet effective, following google's new 'material' design. This project has been undertaken entirely by ourselves, from ideation to production and marketing. I oversaw design whilst my colleague oversaw development. However we both got involved with each others processes to produce the app as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst allowing us the ability to learn from one another.


A simple and elegant website design project, which reflects the services offered by Laura Nolan (nola by brand), a beauty therapist specialising in bespoke facials, massages and healing treatments.

Geraldine Dening Architecture Website

Designed to allow easy navigation and co-ordinations between projects, categories and areas of practise; two forms of navigation were devised. Primarily the sidebar navigation was devised to list all relevant pages and highlight the breadcrumbs of previous pages into the navigation itself, allowing the user to easily navigate and be aware of their location from a fixed reference point. The sidebar navigation also reveals project overview images on hover, allowing the user to get a quick feel for the project before visiting the project itself. In addition to sidebar navigation, the images themselves direct the users from areas of interest to categories to projects. The layout was designed to create a sense of balance between order and irregularity whilst also leaving plenty of white ‘thinking space’ in between content. This website was integrated with WordPress as a Content Management System meaning my client was able to update content as she sees fit.

Global Leadership Summit Landing Page

Designed and developed over the course of just two days; this project had very limiting time constraints after the project had been dropped by another developer at the last minute. I went back to the drawing board and created a simple but powerful design which could be developed in just one day; leaving enough time to disseminate information about the event, which was fast approaching.

Pressure's On
Landing Page

A very simple yet eye-catching website for a pressure washing company.

EmpowerHack: HerStory Website Design

Designed over the course of the weekend, this project was undertook at a “hackathon” event in London, ran by the EmpowerHack organisation. I collaborated with 7 other individuals to develop a product that would give a voice to women refugees who have encountered gender based violence or other hardships women refugees in particular may be vulnerable to. We devised a story sharing platform in which women refugees could share their stories anonymously and via mediums that are available to them, I.e WhatsApp, SMS messaging or the internet if available. All stories would be moderated to remove any personal or identifying information and then posted to the website with the aim of creating an anonymous community where user could provide messages of support and encouragement to one another.

Global Hands
Charity Website

This project was one of my first website development projects. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to totally oversee the project from content curation, to design and development. Upon completion the website was then integrated with WordPress as a Content Managements System, allowing members of the organisation to add their own photos, videos, events, posters or text to the website.

Graphic Design

Book Covers & Publications

A collection of book covers, magazines and other articles I have created for publication.

Logos & Brand Identity

A collection of brand identity work I have been commissioned for.

Posters & Advertisements

A collection of advertisement work I have been commissioned for.


Professional Projects

A collection of projects I contributed to whilst under employment in practice.

Final Year Study Project:
Orvieto Library

My final year project whilst studying at the Leicester School of Architecture. The project was for a lending and reference library in Orvieto, Italy. The project was conceptualised after taking quantitative and qualitative analysis of the city within which it would sit. My analysis led me down the path of researching the concept of Palimpsests and imagining how that concept could be interpreted architecturally; which was to be reflected in the design of the building itself.

Bright Futures UK PlatformX


EmpowerHack: HerStory UI/UX DesignX

Book Covers & PublicationsX

Logos & Brand IdentityX

Posters & AdvertisementsX

Professional ProjectsX

Orvieto Library ProjectX